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  A big difference between translation companies and other companies is that they recruit part-time interpreters all year round. When recruiting, translators are inevitably required to provide various personal data, sign relevant agreements and conduct translation tests.


  The Importance of Resume


  The general form requirement of personal data is resume, of course, there are also some companies that require to fill in their fixed template. As an applicant, of course, it is more convenient to provide a resume directly. I personally prefer the former.


  Whether I'm looking for a job or I'm a freelance translator, in my experience, most companies basically ask for resumes, while a few ask for forms they provide.


  It seems that I have never really worked in these few companies, and the translation companies that require to fill in the fixed forms are basically smaller ones, and the projects are not reliable.


  Of course, I'm just talking about experience. Can I conclude that companies that require to fill in fixed forms are unreliable and can't say so absolutely, but it's also very likely that...


  Personally, I think that a responsible company should also be responsible for the time of the applicant. It can not be said that just for a little convenience, it wastes a lot of time of each applicant. The same is true for translation companies.


  Of course, the applicant is also responsible to the translation company and himself. I have hired part-time staff many times in my previous work, and found that there are a small number of interpreters who are unwilling to provide their resumes.


  I don't understand that。 You only provide the most basic information about your translation price, translation speed and language。 People don't even know your name。 How can they rest assured that they can do important projects for you?


  Besides, if you don't even provide your resume, you don't respect the translation company。 Cooperation needs to build trust between the two sides, resume can be said to be the first step, but also the most basic thing。 Without this, what about trust?


  Confidentiality agreements and other documents


  Of course, many translation companies require other documents besides resumes. The most typical ones include confidential documents, that is to say, confidential customer information, not unauthorized contact with customers, etc. In addition, some European translation companies may also require the signing of the EU General Data Protection Act (GDP R). Basically, they belong to this category.


  But some translation companies don't know what's wrong。 They will provide you with seventy-eight or even dozens of documents to fill in。 They would like you to fill in all your parents'names。 That's too much。


  I often get some emails from translation companies and ask me to fill in a pile of documents. It's so easy for me to fill in and hand it in. I haven't had a project for a year or two, or when I have a project, I don't think my price is too high. Why didn't you say that earlier?


  So freelancers in this situation, or to take care not to waste too much time, if the other side does not seem too reliable, you can refuse and give up directly。


  Of course, depending on the size of the company can not be alone, some companies are small, but from the tone of his mail or the standard degree of official website, it is still very sincere, or very reliable. But even in this case, there is no need to fill in too many documents.


  Translation test


  As for translation testing, as above, it is better to talk about it when there is a real project, otherwise it is likely to be a waste of time unless you can confirm that the other party does often have projects in related fields.


  Some translation companies will give you translation test manuscripts in several fields as soon as they come up, adding up to hundreds of words, but also free testing, which makes people feel headache。 Moreover, it is not excluded that the real project should be assigned to multiple interpreters in order to achieve the goal of free translation under the guise of trial translation。 Therefore, in the absence of project guarantees, it is not easy to do。 Generally speaking, all tests add up to less than 300 words, you can try。



  Above is the translation company customer service to share with you what you need to pay attention to when providing resumes and tests to translation companies, hoping to help you. If you have more knowledge about translation companies and need to know, please contact us in time.



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